We are comprised of award-winning artists, programmers
and producers who specialize in 3D animation.
Our team works in close partnership with clients globally to
make the impossible possible.




Digital Dimension assembles a leading crew of creators of highly successful animated television series and feature films. We create true partnerships with our clients, focusing on collaboration, full transparency and constant communication. Based in Montréal, Canada, our award-winning team of experienced artists’ obsession is to consistently deliver imaginative and emotionally engaging universes.


Digital Dimension is the first studio in the world to deliver a 3D animation series created in real time with the Unreal render engine developed by our partners at Epic Games. This revolutionary process offers significant time and money savings which we then reinvest according to the creative needs of our projects.


Digital Dimension was founded as a VFX company in 1996. Winner of 6 Emmy® Awards and 4 Visual Effects Society Awards, Digital Dimension's priorities and services offering shifted strategically over the past three years and are now exclusively focused on 3D animation. We are collectively driven by our ambition to transform our clients' stories and visions into realities which will touch their each and every viewer.

We are a team of artists, supervisors and managers at play who take our work, but not ourselves, seriously.